God’s Plan

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As tensions rise and our past is coming back to haunt us in the way of nukes I am taking a huge leap to get out ahead of panic concerning destruction of Earth. I grew up in the Cold War and this country, America, was sent to high readiness of the nuclear arsenal many times. As a child all I could do was shrug and go about my business. We were all this way and talk about atom bombs blowing up our cities we did often enough to get it out of our systems.

When I began studying the Bible I was eleven or twelve and it was just me who wanted to read it as my church at the time and family were not interested in it. I learned of the End Times back then but understood little of the symbolism’s used. It is now obvious, as the Bible told us it would be toward the end. Much will become clear is the way I recall it to be stated.

Why I write this is concerning Hollywood’s take on the End Times, as they have it as wrong as can be. The Earth is God’s creation. Ask yourself, is He going to allow the dummies here to annihilate His creation? Of course not. Will He let us go as far as we can before stepping in to stop this destruction? Yes. Does He know the day and the hour that He will have His Son step in? Yes. Jesus told us this verbatim. The Earth is going nowhere but the”Ruiner’s of the Earth” will go somewhere. Not to Hell but out of existence for eternity. If we believe we will be protected so now is a good time to set your spiritual affairs in order as time is thin now.

If I am wrong, and I don’t think I am far off the mark, no harm is done. If I am right, and I think I am at least close, many may be saved even if death comes for them before the End. It is wise to think eternally now and not just day to day. Actually, it always has been. It is just that now the warning signs are evident. Consider this a blessing. In the end, it is up to each of us individually. Peace.

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