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Don’t Fear Not Knowing

I have total and complete faith in God whom I call Jehovah. This, of course, includes Jesus who is the Son of Jehovah. Why I believe is the subject of this article. It is not arguable when a person says they believe because others do not. There is not way to quantify how God communicates. Unless you think it is by Smart Phone in which case you have to go back to square one.

Jehovah a told us to call Him by His name to pray. Many are the bibles who call Him only God, Lord, or Creator. He is all of those but He has a name. This is why we pray to Him by name but through His Son Jesus. Believe me, I have done a whole lot of research into that name and found it proper. And, again, I am not a Jehovah’s Witness. I belong to no organized religion other than the word of God.

As I learned to pray and use His name I found a difference in both mind and heart. Things beyond my control including this new war do not worry me like they used to. Instead, I look to Him for guidance in all things and He reciprocates. I don’t pray now and then, I pray daily and usually more than once always using the method I have outlined. I bear Him in mind always. It wasn’t long before I noticed a difference both in mood and happiness. Add calmness to it and you see this may be a goal for you also.

I have no certified letter from God, no telegram, no “voice” in my head, no signs out of the blue. I have what I mention above and where it has set me is in a place of calm. I haven’t been angry in a long time. There is no room for it now. Of course, I am also getting too old not to recognize the lack of any positives from anger. Old is good in this way. The combination is not required however. He will come to you if you ask Him; His way. He tells us not to allow ourselves to be weighed down with problems but to ask Him for help and “roll your worries upon His shoulders.” I hear He has the broadest, strongest shoulders around!

If you fear God He recognizes it. Fear of Him is not fear of mankind. Fear of Him is to obey His rules and laws lest we offend Him.

This is where Bible knowledge comes in. If you have one, open it. That is how you start.

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