Jehovah and Us

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I well know, O Jehovah, that man’s way does not belong to him. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.

Jeremiah 10:23

The parable above is where I am now in my understanding of two things. You can see by my even writing this website that I’m headstrong and stubborn. If you take something like this on it becomes yet another responsibility to do your best at. But, at the same time, I could not do this were I not conscious of my own fallibility’s, and I have tons of those. Probably enough to build a bridge over the Grand Canyon. We all are fallible to some extent. Admitting this is to say that we do not always know which path to stride.

This is where that thing called Faith comes in. Without it many blame others for their errors; forced or unforced. To do this makes another the “bad guy” and a target for your enmity. To recognize that we are heading always into the unknown even going to the store for a bottle of milk is to stop and consider what may happen on the way. Trusting in and praying for guidance is the gift that Jehovah gives us.

If you try this you will find that, in time, your load is greatly lightened and your way becomes lit from within you. This is where I am at and I owe it all to He whom I love and depend on. He never fails in His promises and His promises are in the Bible.

Do not put your trust in princes. Nor in a son of man, who cannot bring salvation.  His spirit goes out, he returns to the ground; On that very day his thoughts perish.

Psalm 146: 3,4

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