No Surprise

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If you read the Bible you will not be surprised by Russia invading Ukraine. It may be that we weren’t expecting these two countries in particular as the Bible doesn’t name countries but it does symbolize and refer to certain entities in many of the books. Satan is one who is demonstrably called out in Revelations as being the one to foment unrest and immorality. Revelations refers to him in symbolism as the “dragon.”

It was 1914 that the First Word War started a century of war and rumors of war. Jesus has pointed this out and also mentions nations not knowing the way out which perfectly pinpoints these times. He also mentions our culture in recent years as being a “godless generation full of self and bearing no love for others. I’ll let you decide if there are any similarities to these times.

It is the sum total of all these which we see occurring in these times. It is as fine as a laser pointing to us. The separation of the sheep from the goats is also what is warned about as a sign. (Be a sheep!) It becomes much more obvious with but a little knowledge which I plan to publish here. And, of course, you may argue all you would care to. It makes no difference.

Beware GlobalismMore on that coming up.

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