Political Truth

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There is probably no niche in the history of our planet where truth is more relative than politics. But before going down that road let’s speak of truth itself. Let us begin with our modern era in which “relative truth” has been in vogue for around half a century. An example of this is the phrase: “What is true for you may not be what is true for me.” This is a philosophical argument which is some people’s religion rather than Scripture. Along with this comes “relativism” which is, at best, a nebulous scree in which values are set aside for the convenience of intellectualism. Either way, this is a circular approach to get around truth which is a granite bulwark.

Politics embraces the lie as a way of doing business. From this issues, “What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, truth is not always convenient until lived by, lived through, and never without. Truth is the binding that holds the pages of life together. Without it we end up with fragments and lost pages that we desperately need and the message is lost. This is where the Bible comes in to the picture and shows in exemplary fashion why that book is so unpopular in today’s society. Truth hurts only those who live by the lie.

The real truth is one aspect of perfection. The truth of our universe is how planets adhere to their places without moving outside certain physical parameters. The physics involved are immutable. From there we look to Earth. It remains where it has always been set or we wouldn’t be here. Physics tells us this is so. So the question of truth is beyond just our own planet or group of individuals. It is a universal weight of proven stability in all things. Understanding is not fostered by lies. Lies are shades of ill intent. Truth is bright as the sun, stable as the stars. The truth we seek is told in only one place and that repository is intact: the Bible.

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