Politics and Scripture

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It never occurred to me as a young man that the world would turn chaotic as it now is. Nope, it never crossed my mind. I was born immediately after World War Two and so, was raised on the glory and sacrifice of America taking on the entire world and winning against tyranny. I wore that as a protective shield for the way I considered both and the world we live in. Evil came from foreign quarters but never from here. NO, never from America. I was naive.

This website concerns that which took me a long time to understand and until I concentrated on the subject remained elusive. That subject: Where is God in all this and why is He allowing this to happen? I believed but I did not understand. I was twelve, or there about.

I do understand why now but I am getting up in years and am taking this opportunity while my mind still functions properly to write of what I found, how I found it, and what it may mean to you. Politics is surmounting religion but Scripture told us this would occur and why and, indeed, what to look for. Signs that were immutable. Those signs are now taking place without any mistake. I am not the only one who sees this so I wanted to begin a patient slog forward to tell those who will listen that we are nearing the big change foretold. And, that it is a change to the good versus the evil we now see in our world. I hope that this website will give hope but hope requires tenacity and that is a foundation which you are probably seeking. The foundation which builds on and leads to the future. A future of insurmountable joy.

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