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I began this with no clear idea of where I would take this website. I do see that it is beginning to get a lot of visitors and that was not expected by me. Heck, if I can get my family to listen to me I feel fortunate.

Now that I see that something is clicking with you I will intersperse a few verses I love which you can look up. I began this here and will carry on doing so.

You see, I know the questions you all may have and your worry in this time of the world. The only way I can help is to give you the impetus to open the Bible and find what it has to offer you. I’m not capable of doing what the Bible, God’s word, will do for you. I guess that I’m just the crossing guard attempting to stop world traffic long enough for you to have time to make a safe crossing.

Be safe out there and carry God’s word in your heart. Life won’t get easier as there are no miracles now but your heart just might be calmer as you cross the street. A calm heart allows sound judgement.

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