Watching Ukraine

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One of the aspects of our times is unrest and war. Rumors of war and war itself is one of the hallmarks of what Jesus told us to look for. Along with this comes a Godless generation, full of self. As one who was born just after World War Two I can say without doubt that these are easy signs to pick out.

Along with this comes a web of intrigue concerning the bankrupt governments of men. I am using bankrupt in a spiritual context as many are the governments who have shunned Christian views for strictly secular machinations. In essence, God is kicked out of nations for power and money versus humility in governance.

Is this the end of things as they have metastasized? Only time will tell. If it is, then, it won’t be a large amount of time. 50 more years perhaps? I won’t be here but, if so, and I keep my powder dry till my end, I will have the honor of coming back. Sounds crazy doesn’t it.

Yet, it is promised in black and white by He who knows already where all this is headed. This is the reason for my Faith in a world turned asunder by, shall I say, devilish forces. This is also to be looked for as the imbalance grows and simple folk can’t understand why what was once so stable is now spinning out of control. Ask yourself, who is at the helm when God is not? Who fills this void, this vacuum? The answer to this is also written in black and white.

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