Which Bible?

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How many Bibles are there and does one rate better than another? This has long been a question and I will tell you that there are different interpretations used in different Bibles. Different interpretations of words as they are translated from the Greek or Aramaic to English. Detractors will tell you that each say a different thing but always remember that God insured us that His word would not change. There are some Bibles which have been made easier to read than others. I will get into that soon. What does this mean to me?

To you it means that, though words may have different translations the message of the Bible is always the same. What those who denigrate or assert false meanings are missing is the complexity of the message. You see, there is a message there which requires study to understand in depth. It is this depth which those detractors have no knowledge of. Parallels from Genesis to Revelations are penned into that book. Associations between ancient scribes and prophets to the disciples to John of Patmos who wrote the book of Revelations (penned under the influence of God) compliment each other. Understanding is a reward given you when you’ve studied enough to see, suddenly, that this verse here relates to that verse way back there in perfect harmony. It is invigorating to study and learn as there is no other book like it in this way. It draws you into itself and, therefore, closer to God than any other medium has the power to do.

I will get started here in the next day or two in earnest.

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