A Vietnam Vet

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I’ve put off writing what took me to his place. What brought me so firmly into God’s hands. Simply, combat, killing. As I always tell people, don’t feel for bad me, I brought it on myself. I was one who volunteered to go. I was full of red, white and blue and I had a lot of learning to do. Those three colors are pretty washed out now; like a pair of faded blue jeans.

When I discovered Scripture was at the lowest ebb of my life. I wasn’t long for this world had I not found the beauty of God’s word. I found it when a couple of well dressed gentle people came to my door and invited me to partake of what God might have to say about what I had done. The two were Jehovah’s Witnesses and, though I never became one myself, I credit their ministry for saving me. More, I credit God and His Son for saving me from the most selfish act one person can commit upon his loved ones. You know of what I refer I hope, so that I don’t have to write it here.

I no longer look to the works of mankind to save the world. Once a person realizes this the bridles of finding truth are removed. Mankind flounders but for a few years here and there throughout history. Fighting among themselves, their laws, or wars to “cleanse” the populace. This has never changed although a lot of polish is buffed on it to obscure these imperfections.

I write this website to give a glimpse into the obvious yet obscure truth so sullied in today’s world. The “light” to use an old phrase of God. An illumination of our purpose and the reason we have life to begin with. We live to be saved for eternity and that is the sum total that is so very hidden by the world’s machinations. Notice the “nations” in machinations. Nations are the construct of mankind. We are so used to these that we do not question the necessity of them. Add to this the segregation of people throughout the history of the planet and we might be able to guess that this isn’t the way we were meant to live. The way we were meant to live ended in the Garden. Ended in sin against God.

From that sin came death and toil. Death and toil were not in God’s original plan. Love and harmony of all were in His plan and He intends to take us back there. Before that, however, all of this has to be brought to a close. It is going to be hard and we need to understand this as we saw the start of it and have been witness to it since 1914. It is building and the crescendo is coming soon. This has to be but the promise ( He always has kept His promises) is the return to the Garden. This is where belief in that greater than we is necessary. It is my hope to pass this on as I am getting to the age of instability of health and am only so very thankful that I have found this before the closing credits scroll.

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