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Six Days?

   For a thousand years are in your eyes just as yesterday when it is past, Just as a watch during the night.

Psalms 90: 4

When we read the Bible it is told us that we should use our minds:

  My son, do not lose sight of them. Safeguard practical wisdom and thinking ability;

Proverbs 3: 21

The question of how long it took for Jehovah to create the universe and Earth is one for the record books. There is more consideration of this by those who doubt than for any other reason. Six days does not seem plausible.

With study, you understand that the Bible is both literal and not literal. Days in the Hebrew times meant different amounts of time. Consider that Jehovah was in no hurry as He is perfect and time does not affect Him. A poet once said, with reference to Psalms 90: 4 that one of our days is for God one thousand years. Maybe more as it is not certain due to the fact the our time has little meaning for God.

Creation took as long as it took, to put it simply. To consternate our minds by inserting human limitations is to miss the message of the Bible completely. Jehovah has no limitations.

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