Difficult Times

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Hard to Deal With

If you depend on such things as luck or good fortune life gets to be a rocky road. Neither of those two allows a foundation to stand on as time and fortune shift around everything in your life. Be that change political, business or, horribly, the death of a friend or relative. Luck has nothing to say to you and good fortune shrugs it shoulders and turns its back on you to walk away. Coincidence dependence is not a way to survive; much less live happily.

Everything is in play now. From the best to the worst is the time we are living in and keeping ones balance is becoming more difficult. Some are torn between one side then the other, not knowing the way. It is for this reason that I decided to build this website.

You see, this has all been foretold. It is in the black and white of the printed page which God gave us for relief through belief. He is not yet interfering with what is happening. He hasn’t interfered with humans since Israel but He did send His Son to save us and pass on the knowledge of these times and all the times in between. After His Son, the Bible is His sole communicator.

Over centuries people who don’t understand this have said such vile things as: God is dead. Offensive ignorance is not an excuse, it is childish and hedonistic as worshiping God gets in the way of worldly pleasures. Worldly pleasure is the reason we have war. The reason for slavery. The reason for the ending of this system which raises up pleasure over faith. Having the most means subverting the many. So it has gone until now. Now is the crux wherein faith is tested as the train is leaving the station. The Bible is your ticket aboard. The meek shall inherit the Earth.

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