Does God Love Us

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All the Doubt

See what sort of love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are. That is why the world does not know us, because it has not come to know him.

John 3: 1

It is not difficult to understand the shape our world is in and the above Scripture gives you a clue as to why we have what we now have. The plight of we who know the truth has always been that this world does not know us because the world doesn’t know Him. Yet, with this knowledge we persevere always knowing that the final outcome will be on His terms, not ours.

Learning to know God is what the Bible is for. Without an understanding of what and who He is we become lost. The Bible delineates exactly who and what He is and coming to know Him draws Him closer to you. There is no other way and this comes with no guarantees concerning rise in status or other worldly niceties as God is eternal and we have to earn eternity. Not just be nice to others as this is good but it does not increase our closeness to Him.

Eternity is simply the non-existence of time. Time being the method we use to count our longevity or to get to work. There is no time in eternity just as there is no end to infinity.

When we learn to think in terms of eternity, and that we have a chance to be eternal, we begin to understand the importance levied on what and how we act in this short time we have on Earth. In no small part is this why I am making the effort to write this blog.

Think of Him as your Father because He wants to treat you as a divine example of how a father would treat his children. Call it cozying up to him, if you will, and look around you at what others who do not believe are doing to each other and to this planet; His planet. I will testify that there is love there if you avail yourselves of it. It is an eternal love freely given to obedient persons. It is a love which surmounts the fallacy of this world.

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