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Online security is becoming a critical issue for all of us. I write this as a brief departure of my main subject but it is wise to be conscious of your privacy as there are nefarious actors looking for inroads to your life, your habits (if any), and your family. One obvious item is never give your phone number to anyone anywhere on the internet. We all know this but some go a circuitous route to fool you into thinking you have to give it to them to partake of some service or other. Don’t. Get another service or supplier.

Second, anonymous phone numbers are the most secure way of signing up for accounts that require it. Burner numbers are one inexpensive way to go about not giving your actual phone number out to anyone.

Email that is secure and relatively anonymous is another precaution. There are a few excellent choices but the best I have found is Mailfence. You need not give out any particulars including your real name to sign up for a new email account. They don’t need it from you. You can get an account just by providing an email for them to send a verification code of six numbers to you to create your account. Use any email you would care to as a method of facilitating receipt of this code.

Providers of secure email ( virtually non-traceable) are Mailfence and Protonmail. Don’t think you are sneaking around in doing this. You are taking minimal precautions to keep you, your money, your relatives and family safer than if you didn’t partake of these offers.

I also recommend dumping Facebook no matter the social sacrifice. These are bad actors who feel superior and have no restraints up on them. There are other social media platforms such as Gab and mewe that enforce privacy for their members which allows free expression no matter your ideals are.

I will, from time to time, post other items here which I feel are both helpful and necessary as I work with the internet day after day and have a good idea of what to do and not to do. In the spirit of what is disappearing I offer this freely and passionately.

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