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I want to write this as a way to prod some who will listen and try to understand. Since 1914 our world has passed several milestones. Not the good ones but ones that are indicative of evil incarnate. We’re all aware that America fought a few wars internally. The Revolution, the War of 1812, and then the Civil War. Each of these were either internal or fighting one enemy and none of these affected the rest of the world.

Along came 1914 and the First World War. However, before that was the Industrial Revolution which spurred mechanization: factories and assembly lines of mass production. This enabled the First World War to be fought and that was the first mechanized war. The mass production of shells, cannons and firearms of every type. Even tanks and ships of steel.

Immediately after the First World War (1917) the Spanish Influenza struck the world and was, in part, brought to other shores by returning service men from the First World War. That flu ravaged the world. Then a came World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, 9/11 and on and on ad infinitum. Now where are we?

Now we are at an inflection point and no matter which way we look another World War is in the offing. Russia, Iran, China. All these countries are itching to destroy the west and take over this planet. The problem is, none of these believe in God, Jesus, or Christianity. In other words: a Godless generation of men, women, countries world wide.

What did Jesus warn us about: there will be wars and rumors of wars, a Godless generation, nations not knowing the way out, No natural love for men and women. Haughty and full of self. (Matthew 7).

Of these times He warned: These are just the birth pangs. Later, and not long now, comes the tribulation. The tribulation is something I never dreamed I would live to see. Nevertheless, it is very close now. Whether I am alive when it occurs is impossible to say. Only the Father knows the hour and the day of it. Even Jesus didn’t know.

The clock is ticking and this is the time given for those who have good hearts but may not believe to rectify themselves and learn to believe. It is here and it is now and time, well, time is very, very short. Those who believe may be spared. If they die, as I probably will, they will be bought back afterwards. I have no guarantee that I will but perhaps some of you may. It isn’t too late . . . yet.

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