History Repeats

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Ad Nauseam

I won’t repeat the title here.

History is made up of unforeseen incidents perpetrated by mankind. On one side is good and you know what makes up the other side. Of course, nature has its say from time to time but mankind is the one who runs afoul of nature every single day since we took our first step. Well, not originally in the Garden but since our unfortunate exit and displacement from our planned habitat. The Earth was and will soon be a Garden again. Politics won’t get us there. It’s too late for that as things done in the past are still eating away at nature; unknown to us. Let’s face it, we’re just too busy killing each other.

This is more a personal thought than Scriptural, let me say up front. Ad nauseam is what God is seeing and now we’ve added nukes. Nukes are the kicker, aren’t they? Now we can truly ruin the Earth and good riddance to us. But for the fact that Jesus will step in or else no one would live. It’s going to get that bad but it will be short or the planet could not be saved. I am guessing this is what the thousand years will be for: repair and replace. Not familiar with the “thousand years?” I will eventually get to that as it is a promise from God and He is one who does not go back on His promises.

It seems to me that He has reached the end of His patience and when that happens all bets are off. He gave us the Bible so we would be prepared one way or the other. We are either with Him or the opposite. The opposite should not be from ignorance of His word it should be from the rejection of His word. Either of the two deny one from the promise. Read the story of Noah. It gives you an idea of how people acted to get themselves drowned. Same old, same old. Peace.

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