Hope & Peace

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May the God who gives hope fill you with all joy and peace by your trusting in him, so that you may abound in hope with power of holy spirit.

Romans 15: 13

This verse is about hope and peace. By now it would be a hope that we are fully aware that this world offers us none of this. Is it just these days that we are witnessing? No, it is a seldom thought-of fact that this world, especially due to death, has never offered a single thing but limitations on all we are and all we can do. Simply, death is the wages of sin and thus we are all going to die.

I have said here before that it doesn’t have to be that way because this mess is temporary and that guarantee of being temporary is due to God sending His only begotten Son, Jesus, to die for us and erase all sin from those who follow His teachings. Remember also that Jesus gave all credit for what He said, and the fact that he was on Earth, to His Father: God. It was a ransom of perfection to eliminate the perfection lost by Adam and Eve. Jesus plainly stated for us to celebrate His death and not His birth, not His resurrection. It was His death on the cross that saved us. This was the sacrifice He willingly made to give us all hope for eternity.

There is much said about Jesus and much of those words are false teachings born from shear ignorance. The Bible, studied in prayer, is the light for us. The hope given through Christ’s bloody sacrifice to save all of us. In this is where hope and eternal peace resides and no other place.

Whether the pundits speaking of World War Three are correct or not, makes no difference. If we find hope in God and His Son peace comes to us even as we face down this disaster of a world we are thrust into. It has been so since the Garden and the time to find Him is now. We haven’t much more time as the clock is ticking down even as I type these final words. Hope, properly understood, springs eternal. With hope comes peace. It is written!

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