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Really the Word of God?

It is, is the simple answer so the question is, ” How do we arrive at that answer?” This is a complex question as the Bible opens itself more to those who study it than it does to occasional readers of it. The more one studies it the more one becomes convinced that it is truly the word of God.

Before going too much further, let me tell you what I have learned over many years if not decades.

When I first began reading the Bible I wasn’t all that enamored of it. It was confusing and difficult to get into. In this, it is the same as any lengthy book one picks up. So, it depends on which writing attracts one versus viewing all the text at one sitting. An great example that flummoxed me was Hemingway’s, “The Sun Also Rises.” At first Hemingway writes in very abbreviated sentences. Little snippets of activity here and there and it is off putting. Staying with it, however, reveals a heart rending view of the characters, their plight and how they react to each other.

The Bible is not a one sitting and done book. God designed it so that we have to stick with it to begin to understand what He wants of us but, more, how He expresses Himself to bring you in if, and this is the “if” that frustrates those who do not want to think it true, it opens itself gradually and a little at a time. Should you be tempted to intellectualize the Bible you will soon find yourself at odds with it. Intellectualism is reserved for professorial works not works which dictate right and wrong in so strong of terms. This is why people don’t understand what the Bible actually does say.

We have only so much intellect. The Bible is written simply enough for even the least literate to get an understanding but it will take you much deeper if you study it. The reason for this is the fact that there are numerous parallels between Old and New Testaments. A phrase or verse in Daniel (Old Testament) will be picked up in what amounts to a few thousand years by another prophet of Disciple of Jesus Himself. It is a book written over four thousand years and never once does it loose its continuity. This alone I consider mind boggling.

So the question, “Did God write the Bible?”, is answered in the study not in the intellectual pursuit or cursory reading. This is the only reason that I know, I do not guess, that God wrote the Bible, but He did it through men He knew had what it took to write it. Remember, it was God who made this happen not a bunch of Hebrews on a Saturday night wine binge. (I mention it this way as this is what an old acquaintance told me actually happened when we were both in our cups.)

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