Please, Tell People About Sum of Truth

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Dear Readers,

As the world has been slowly doing away with privacy I have taken steps to insure that my websites do not. In this pursuit for privacy I have made it difficult on myself to get the word out. I am quite old school and little of what is being done to private citizens are along the lines of decency. No Google, no Facebook, no Twitter here. Those are tracking and selling everything they can learn about you.

My only source for social media is and on that platform I have a presence. For how long I don’t know but it is not a membership with an investment of money.

If you are getting some good here let others know. If you have questions ask them of me. If you love your neighbor help them. I am urging you to do so and to make a difference, not in my eyes, but in the eyes of God.

You can also ask me questions about the website or where I come from in all of this melee. I am private and like it that way and I do the same for others. Peace.

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