Reading the Bible

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There isn’t a lot said that I have found about beginning a reading or, in some cases, a study of the Bible. When any book is new we start at the beginning rather than the middle or end. In the case of the Bible opening it in the middle or end is fine for a start because, indeed, all words in the Bible have meaning right down to the prepositions or articles.

However, an orderly reading of the Bible is best starting with the beginning of a book of the Bible; be that book Genesis, Luke or Revelations. You see, many are they who cite verses to make a point. But on either side of that quoted verse is context. Context of the thing said is vital to understanding its import or meaning. We see the Bible cited more numerously than not at some point that, by itself, can mean anything one would like to believe. When you bear down on the context much more is related to you than by that short and simple verse lying somewhere in a myriad of words.

By reading the Bible with any kind of regularity one receives what I like to call, a “gentle push.” A slight, unfelt at first, shove in a proper direction for understanding. Is this a push from God? I have no idea. It is, however, discernible after a time. This gentle push opens new vistas to you. To put it another way, it opens your mind to a better understanding of what you are reading. You are, in other words, making an effort and that effort is rewarded. I assume that this push is different for different people but all who I have studied with or spoken to, that make a regular effort to read it, tell me this is so.

It is a wonder to have this happen to you. Behind that push is love and you can feel it tangibly. But, to experience this one needs to begin and develop a regularity in their reading. When it will come to you I cannot say. It will come though.

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