Times of Turmoil

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How close are we now? If I told you that almost everything noted, spoken, and written over the last two millennia were falling into place how would you react? In Revelations it mentions the King of the North (Russia) and the King of the South (Europe) were going to be at odds would you feel intimidated or doubtful as to the truth of this matter?

Personally, I am a wait and seer. There is so much symbolism in Revelations that there are different interpretations of exactly what is meant by those words. In a way, it matters little because the fact is that we are quickly approaching a climax of one kind or another.

I wanted to jot this down now to make a point. My point is that if you are living according to God’s law and your belief system is in harmony with Scripture what takes place will not affect you all that much. Oh, it will be more difficult than can be imagined but what comes after is perfection of Earth, us, and the universe. God remembers each one who did right and will arrange for their eternal lives: living or dead. He is that great a being. His love is what we should be moving toward all the while the devil attempts to tear us apart or down. Be strong and never waiver. He has your back!

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