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The father of the lie is Satan and it is within his realm of hate to do away with us in the eyes of God.

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The Hunt For

For we who study the Bible there is an understanding that, although many say they know it, there is only one truth. This truth proceeds all matter and all beings no matter where they were born, what they accomplish, or who they cozy up to. Truth proceeded mankind somewhere in infinity. Truth is timeless.

The truth we are privy to can come from only one source and we see it only with birth and death. Only then do we understand that we are not permanent and, following closely on the heels of that, this world, this construct of mankind, is not permanent. All we do is blown away by the wind in due time. If we are honest and upright even in God we do not have a harness on the truth for it resides only in God, He alone is permanent and only those in Heaven who obey God are permanent. He set all we know up for us to live in but, and this is the real but, He did not set all this up to be semi-permanent. No, He set all we have up for us to be permanent and that included us, at one time.

The world we live in is now based solidly on the lie. The father of the lie is Satan and it is within his realm of hate to do away with us in the eyes of God. This is now his world and if you are more than semiconscious you are beginning to see the fact of this in our daily life. The change we see now happened so quickly did it not?

It is not just America who is suffering from this shakiness. Many who follow the Bible are seeing this throughout the world. Simply, this is the fulfillment of prophecy given to us because God so loves us that He wanted us to see the signs and learn to follow Him and His Son. He also knew that many would take advantage of this shakiness and use it against the people. This is also occurring. We are in the borderlands now and eking out a life which is substandard to what it was less than a decade ago. It is going to get worse. You need to decide who you follow. The world or God. This is the black and the white.

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