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I placed a newsletter on here almost at the beginning. I understood when I did so that it was: one-more work for me, and, two-who really wants the abuse of a newsletter as they are done by others? I hate newsletter so, with that in mind, I put one here anyway.

Today I sent out only my second newsletter in three months. It is what I determined I would do when I first thought of sending anything out whatsoever. Why would anyone flood another’s inbox with trite and useless verbiage when they can just go to my website and get all they need there?

Well, as I have done so anyway I again offer a very occasional newsletter to you. The sign up is easy and tracking is not allowed by me in any way I can help it. And not helping it I have by not submitting this website, or any of my websites, to Google, Facebook or Twitter. I call these “Privacy Pirates.”

The sign up is in the sidebar and I would expect to send another out in about three weeks. It contains posts you may have missed, news concerning the website (when absolutely necessary and not otherwise) and nothing in the form of “promotions.” I have only one thing to promote and you already know what that (or, who that) is.

Think about it. I don’t hand out demerits if you don’t want it. It is free choice while that still exists.

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