I Don’t Want to Hear It

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Years ago I found a subtle tendency that God’s word has, it will tell you things you don’t want to know. More than once I have sat myself down to read it and then closed the pages as what I read reflected on me in a negative way. The negative wasn’t the Bible it was within me. It pointed to glaring weakness in me. Things I had once done that I knew were wrong but did them anyway.

It no longer does this to me as I have changed much in my life in those ways. Now, opening it is a journey each and every time. I can sometimes find a different impetus in one sentence which I missed another time. It is a fascinating exploration of you . . . and me.

If you are reading my website for the first time and you have had this happen to you there is a reason this happens and that reason is pure love and kindness that only God will ever offer you.

When, and if, you get to those verses and your mind tells you that that is enough I don’t want to hear it, stick with it. Remember it is a kindness not a curse. It is you that may have a weakness that you need to address. Love God and He will love you back. There is no other way.

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