Is It Any Wonder?

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I am so far from perfect that I can’t see my shadow on the sunniest of days. That does not mean that I don’t strive for perfection but realizing how imperfect I am allows me to harbor little bitterness toward another human being. In that “not harboring” is a huge portion of forgiveness for imperfection. Not violence or stealing from another but the very fact that all of us are imperfect. Realization of this on a spiritual levels stops all the “self” motivation we see so prevalent nowadays.

It is the spiritual level that I feel we should all be looking for. In Scripture, spirit does not mean ghost. It means the life essence. That essence of joy just to take a breath or taking a refreshing drink of cold fresh water. Fine wines and gourmet food are furthest from spirit as spirit also means the acknowledgement of God as being our creator. Once that realization sinks in everything changes in our outlook and we suddenly see our place; for better or worse. We all are quite small so it is almost miraculous to understand that, though small, we are greatly loved by He who created us.

God remembers everyone who ever walked this Earth; His Earth. It is in my mind that He also remembers every aborted fetus and the names of those who performed the act. This knowledge is what keeps me on the straight and narrow as that is the shape of the path that leads to Him. Deviations from that path that lead to murder or harm of another should be avoided at all costs.

If human life is cheap to us it is not to Him. Remember this and He will see you.

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