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Principles of the Bible put an end to most of what we see today. There is as much written about how to treat one another in that book. Almost as much as there is any other principle. All of it good and loving.

I have said here many times that societies fall from God and even some churches have lost their way, is predicted but one must understand that above all else God is loving. He expects the same from us toward each other. God is slow to anger and says we should emulate Him. Above all else He has had written that we are all imperfect and must realize this as we deal with others. Judgement is His and His alone though He has given that to Jesus through Himself to condemn or bring through all of us.

In no small part is this why I made the decision to create this website. Imperfection is to be understood about us and regarding all others. This is not to say that criminality, deceit, and such as adultery should be tolerated. It should not. Always bear in mind that the only true justice is within the purview of God as our imperfection is kept in mind.

He also tells us to obey civic law in witness to Him for our actions. If a law is wrong, change it. We have more laws and declarations levied on us now that are not right than ever in my lifetime. Whereas, our Constitution is based on His laws. Again, however, imperfect people do the wrong thing, make the wrong judgements, and are deceitful. We know this and need to guard against this in our elections. One bad selection can force horrible consequences on us all.

Love is now lost, but for some. I make an assumption that I write this for people who do love. It is a terrible shame that love is so cheapened in the world now. Sex, drugs and rock and roll have taken its place for several decades. We pay the price as God is now angered. His nemesis is now loosed in the vicinity of the Earth. Consider that and the state we find ourselves in.

I will leave this right here.

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