Politics and Faith

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A lot of statements and, indeed, actions have been performed by religious persons in a political vein since time immemorial. I recall when Catholic priests, during the 1960s, became radical priests supporting the political side of a dispute or civil disobedience. I thought it odd but at that time I didn’t have access to Scripture to set me straight. It is odd, then, that I found these political acts by religious acolytes incorrect.

 For I set the pattern for you, that just as I did to you, you should also do.

John 13: 15

The above quote is from Jesus. It stemmed from what some wanted of Jesus to be for them. His refusal (see quote below) angered the Jews as they wanted Jesus set up as king of the Jews. Jesus knew that His mission was not to be king at that time. (Just as He knew His mission had nothing to do with fathering a child!)

 Then Jesus, knowing that they were about to come and seize him to make him king, withdrew again to the mountain all alone.

John 6: 15

By following Jesus’ example we understand from these two statements that politics has no part in Faith. This acknowledges that our eternal well being is not in the hands of men in any capacity. We are in the hands of the Father. We are His children, not a politicians. As with any parent-child it is the parents to whom the child goes for guidance. This is why understanding His word, as written, is so important for all of us.

As with all I write here and those verses I quote, I do so in the hope that you will search out these quotes and read all that is there to derive understanding through the context before and after the quote in the Bible. Peace.

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