Politics and God

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One of the most glaring differences between what the world sees and what God does not see is placards. Placards being nothing more than labels attached by other people to differentiate smaller groups of people as to what one group perceives as a difference from them. Democrat, Republican, gay, straight.

This is the foul kernel sowed around 1914 which we see growing now. A sprouting seed of a macabre “culling out” of the whole into small parts as though to take to slaughter. God does not see us this way and it is our folly that we do not recognize God, His word, and His commandments. This “culling out” is the work of God’s opposite. This is made so much easier when that one causes us to separate ourselves from God’s law in the first place. This has always been but the acceleration of this is what pushes us back in our seats now. We have reached a dizzying pace.

I hear so many arguments about who is right, who is wrong, and who is better. It is all stuff and rubbish. So much rubbish that we are floating in our own mental affluence now. Whirling around the bowl of mankind’s self-aggrandizement.

How numerous the warnings of this! We should all be humbled by peering into the night sky. Instead, we use our mathematics and technology to parse and predict and name that which was created and think ourselves superior as to knowledge.

It is when we get ourselves into this vein that we are shoved back down to basics. It has always been this way and we never learn this. It is also the reason that the Bible is discarded now. We are smarter than He who created all.

“There is nothing new under the sun.”

Ecclesiastes 1: 9

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