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It was a few months ago that I recalled so many people in the 1970s and 1980s going nuts about house plants. When I say “nuts” there was a cult of plant worshipers who literally fondled their house plants, talking to them, coddling them etc. That kind of behavior was then assessed on pets and some call pets their children now.

Did God make plants that have emotions or feelings? No. Why would He do such a thing? You see, when belief and knowledge are set aside for human vagaries nothing good comes of it. I can understand anti-abuse of pets. That goes against God’s law as we are to be caretakers. But, ascribing human qualities to plants is also against God. Tending them with care is right. Coddling them or, for that matter a fetish I just heard of, inflatable plastic toys is a sickness and goes directly into the realm of Satan.

Worship is reserved for only one being and that being is God. Not our world, not houseplants, not animals, not one another. Ascribing a human value to any of these is so contrary to God’s laws it is actually sinful.

Have you ever heard a plant scream as a goat is eating it? I thought not.

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