Science and God

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Mutually Exclusive?

There is a large misnomer concerning science and God. That is the belief that these are mutually exclusive. In some instances this is due to misinterpretation of the Bible and, on the other hand, a critically flawed reliance on the accuracy of science in a universal manner. No one knows exactly what the universe is capable of nor do we understand even 1/10th of what is out there. Whether laws established on Earth also apply to everything that we know nothing about is another error. Science is Earthbound and this is where one needs to draw on hypothesis and best guesses to try to explain all that we know little to nothing about. That is just fine as we do our best to understand what we know nothing about.

When it falls into “tilt” is when science decides that physical law is explaining also what God can do. I am not speaking of belief in God I am speaking of nullifying what the Bible tells us by relying on science. The two are on opposite ends of the universal spectrum.

God created all there is as the Bible tells us that, in the beginning was a void. Avoid is the extreme definition of nothing. Speculation on what was or wasn’t available then is senseless. We are far to small to understand any of it which is probably why science rejects most of it out of hand. Perhaps defensiveness or ego? I won’t hazard a guess.

When it comes to the Ark we hear science say it was not possible because it was impossible in major as well as minor considerations. Discount God at your own peril.

Nothing is impossible for the Creator and if that is what He stated is the case that was the case. Could He have seen to it that the animals were in some sort of suspended animation? Could it be that Noah knew of genetics through God and placed only vials of some sort on the Ark and that is how it happened. Conjecture without knowledge is a dead end though a lot of fun to consider.

The secret is that we don’t know the secret and science is in its infancy even now as it has no idea of God’s abilities or rejects God out of hand. Let science go round and round speculating and rejecting. Faith is what will see us through. Don’t let ignorant people with “scientific” instruments and white coats dissuade you with purported expertise. They have it, certainly, but it is more limited than many of them let on.

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