The Truth is Weight

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I want to talk a little about truth. Both the word, “truth,” and the reality of truth. The difficulty of finding truth and the journey one is forced to take to find it. In essence, we see truth when we see the Earth and the stars. When we consider the vastness of the universe. When we consider that the poor and humble see truth as it is part and parcel of their existence. To begin we have to shake off our worldly chains. This is why we have the Bible.

Truth is not a pretty thing. It stabs ones heart to know that they have missed the truth while searching in the wrong places. In little nooks and crannies of eastern philosophy, politics, or wealth. Worldly considerations are not truth, they are a carnival of distraction, noise and greed. Instead, truth is a silent thing. And it exists in our DNA. We were built to worship and most of us intrinsically know this. Our dissatisfaction with ourselves when we deny this is what sends us out into the world for distraction. Distraction gets nothing accomplished of spiritual value. What’s that over there? A Bible?

The Bible is truth incarnate. Many deny this and denigrate it and that is to be expected as the Bible tells us that this will occur. Expectations of bigger things take work. Facing God is the critical aspect of our existence. It is in this pursuit that truth comes in small increments. A dribble here and a landslide there. Each morsel of truth expands ones consciousness as it opens the door to God. It is a wondrous vision of light in a dark world. At a point, God will assist you in throwing that door open. It is your struggle to find Him that He witnesses and with the sincerity of your search He will smile and help you. It is a wonder to participate in when this happens. The truth was there all the time. We just let the world get in our way.

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