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6th-5th Century B.C.

One God there is, in no way like mortal creatures either in bodily form or in the thought of his mind. The whole of Him thinks, the whole of Him sees, the whole of Him hears. He stays motionless, in the same place; it is not fitting that He should move about now this way, now that.

So much is thrown at we who believe in God that it bears this verse from a philosopher from Colophon in ancient Greece. Around the fifth or sixth century. He was partially responsible in his thinking of advancing monotheism. There were few if any Hebrews around at that time and certainly no Christians while a very deep thinking man landed on that one thing that was the foundation of Judaism and, later, Christianity.

I post this here as a slight departure and I in no way recommend that this is how we think of Jehovah for we know not His abilities for locomotion. He is capable of doing anything He wishes to do and we do know that He and Adam walked and talked through Eden in the “breezy part of the day.” (Afternoon) before the fall of Adam and Eve.

Our minds are actually built to worship Jehovah. Our makeup is to believe in Him but many are they who have gotten sidetracked by the devil to worship as gods those things He created be they mountains, waters or carved wood or stone.

The ludicrous has no place before Him and it is time to consider that even those with no knowledge of Scripture have, since time began, worshiped that which they did not understand. Mostly in sinful ways hence the story of Noah. Now, look at what is being worshiped in our times: SELF!

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