A Single Line

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When you cut out the intellectualism of the world, all the philosophy, psychiatry, mathematics, and physics what is left? It is bright but surrounded by high functioning brains which dull its light. Tendrils of dreams and cobwebs of thought obscure it. Billions of words float around it further dimming its brilliance.

It is the only light in all this darkness and it is the only path through time. Where this brilliant light ends, time ceases. For at the end of this line is Jehovah. It is His line which leads straight to our hearts and, if we don’t avail ourselves of this brilliant line, we drift into the flotsam and jetsam of broken ideals. False ideals which litter the oceans of this universe. There are no islands, no safe zones or spaces. There is only He. Through His son we have the only opportunity to find this brilliant line. Partake, as our time is growing short. There is only one lifeboat for this world, this Titanic. It is the Bible.

It is the only proven source for redemption and the instructions to gain this are within. This is God’s word. This is why the Bible exists.

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