A Touchy Subject

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 “If men should struggle with each other and they hurt a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely but no fatality results, the offender must pay the damages imposed on him by the husband of the woman; and he must pay it through the judges.  But if a fatality does occur, then you must give life for life,

Exodus 21: 22,23

Our children are made, as we are, in the image of Jehovah. He sees each fetus and remembers each fetus as this is His province. Just as He remembers the faithful He knows both the slain and those who slay.

Without being totally offensive to some, what certain individuals and corporations are doing is more than a little offensive to God. Life is, to Him, precious and He wants all who live to come to Him. To come to His love for them. It goes without saying that to push God away is to let the other in. Who is the other? You know as well as I do.

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