How Much You Know

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Is of Little Consequence

If the Bible does anything for a person it shows how little we know. There is a major trap in thinking we know much. The simple reason for this is we are based on only one planet and out there is an entire universe of infinite proportion. A proportion so great that we do not know its boundaries, if those exist at all. This also tells us how highly we are regarded by He who made us to allow us any knowledge above that of the animals and birds, insects, fish and amphibians who ply this planet. We are in control and this knowledge should humble us.

We have been set apart, not on par with the angels, but as a defined species with knowledge of God. We inhabit this planet and not Heaven. Our responsibility is to oversee the care and feeding of everything on this planet. For doing this we were originally granted eternal life as we see ourselves here in the regard. This is now gone and the Bible tells us what occurred to cause this fall from grace. Still, we are what we were placed here to be. Not janitors but loving tenders of this place of untoward beauty called Earth.

Politics in its place has no bearing on what we have already done here. No amount of indentured servitude to a government will have any effect on the previously destroyed aspects of what once was. Recreation is not within our purview and previous ruination is not within our realm to repair. It is Gods purview as are all things in the universe.

We know less than nothing concerning what God did, how He did it, and what He intends in the eternal future. We are nearing the end of the second scroll leading to the return of Jesus. The first scroll was the establishment and destruction of God’s people, the Hebrews, and the prophecy of the savior Jesus Christ. We are temporary but the way to permanence is open to us. This is what God did not intend but is in the process of providing the remedy. You see, He gave all His creatures created free will so as not to make any of us slaves to Him. He abhors slavery and always have. It is humans who enslave against God’s better judgement. We are free to do as we please and that is what separates us from the animal kingdom.

The Bible is our “guide book” but it is up to us to decide if we want to avail ourselves of its direction for us. So many have rejected it and now we see how this is working out for all of us. This is the reason for my doing this. I am not a good nor an evil person. I am far below what I think God wants of me. All I can do is try harder in all things of favor to Jehovah. Peace in this aftermath of tragedy.

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