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A few posts ago I mentioned the possibility of opening the website for discussion. I have installed the software to make this happen. You may use it now but I will be fine tuning it the next few days. It will take some time to do this but it will be full fledged soon.

It occurred to me that I may be over thinking the use of this website but so many are visiting that some may have questions. It will be up and running in a day or two. If you use it, fine. If you don’t, fine. I at least wanted to give you a method to increase your understanding and allow you the freedom to participate. So many questions do I have that it made sense others would have questions also. The more questions the more time I spend studying and that suits me to a “T.”

Once you click on a post or page you will find at the bottom this software. It is ready to use as is and will have some tweaks as I go.

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