Nobody Said It Would Be Easy

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Life is not easy for any of us. Knowing which side ones bread is buttered on is tantamount to keeping ones head on straight. Over the decades I have been in combat, had a son who had cancer and many problems associated with the war I fought in.

Through all of this I kept God in my mind and that took a lot of weight off my shoulders as knowing what the future holds, no matter how far ahead that future may be, eases the stress of coping with life. A prayer to God through his Son, Jesus, has special significance to ones spirit and ones mind. Once you have passed the threshold of belief this is akin to freedom from the world. It isn’t God who allows bad things to happen it is this world of imperfect men. (and women).

Never blame God for mishaps. It is another reason to understand the Bible just to know who He is and what He considers important. Not to mention His promise for our future if only we take our faith to heart and try to love Him as He loves us.

Remember that we are His children and take to heart the goodness of this fact. It lifts a burden off our minds and hearts to understand this critical point. We are children and He is our Father. You could not ask for better could you?

Finally, it is late but I wanted to post this to let you know how grateful I am that nearly five thousand of you have visited this website. If I didn’t believe I wouldn’t put in this effort. A large part of my belief system is believing in you. You are who I do this for in my own imperfect way.

I wish you belief in the truth and the peace that comes with your belief. It is everything and on it your future is bright no matter what happens to this world.

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