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I want to start this by saying that God has a name and, through a millennia of interpretation it has been settled that the proper name is Jehovah. Why is this important? It is important because when used, He knows that you are speaking in prayer to Him. If Satan is, as we now know, the god of this world and also wants to be called “lord” then it behooves us to be critical when we use and sanctify the name of the one true God.

What is important in prayer? The first thing, I believe, is the admission that we are both imperfect and children of God. This tells Him that we recognize that He is our Father. It also tells Him that we are humbled before Him which should be how we feel in all we do. Humility is merely the admission of imperfection and that we are all alike in this way. Once a person understands the weight and impact that admitting we are but children to Him we free ourselves of some burdens and soon that becomes a lifter of our spirit. Spirit in the case is our presence in life not some kind of ethereal presence.

Pray of that which is concerning you be it yourself, family or friends, or the situation you find yourself in. Pray often and always finish with something like, “Through your Son Jesus Christ I pray.” Jesus told us that nothing goes to his Father but through him. He also told us that nothing he does is not from his Father. These are important and life saving ideas which you should consider. Prayer is everything and is a bonding to what we all hope for. There is only one who can grant us eternal life and we have to earn it. Nothing is free and morality is based on this premise.

I want to thank all who have come here from around the world. Even from nations in which this may be banned. We are all brothers and sisters in Jehovah and His son Jesus. I pray peace for you. This will all change quite soon . . . for the better. Be ready in your hearts and no man can destroy you.

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