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I recently joined a number of social media websites. Social media of the conservative variety. You know, websites without algorithms or manipulation of posts. Rather like what Facebook and Twitter used to be. I quit both of those years ago.

The problem with any of these is the rabid dogmatic anti this and anti that rhetoric which is pervasive on these. As with most everything, it makes me consider where people are in their minds, their mental well being. Mental well being isn’t good on either side of the aisle. I disregard a lot of the prattle against this person or that person, this subject or that subject. Instead I agree with some and let go those who are overwrought.

What I notice, and I am sure you do also, is a lack of true knowledge of where this world is in time. Though many profess the Bible only a handful appear to understand the fragility we are facing in this world. It is my belief that this stems from a lack of vision of what the Bible tells us plainly but few seem to get their heads around. The signs are manifest. They should be plain but the Bible tells us that the signs won’t be plain to many.

It comes down to faith and in that faith is the removal of self. You cannot be all about yourself and maintain any relationship with God and His purpose. Some call this humility but I call it reality. Faith is an anchor around which the world swirls its fouled waters. But faith is immovable when properly applied. In a very real sense, faith is the skeleton of an eternal life. In part, this is one reason I took this website on without a clear vision of where it would lead me. I now understand that part of my motivation was to also put my faith into words because, as I go, my faith increases. I hope that what I do here does the same for you.

There will be nothing easy about these times. They will test our metal to its limits. Never allow yourself to ask why God is doing this. He is doing this as separation of sheep from goats. Followers in faith from independent elitists. We see this separation but some don’t appreciate the significance of what is occurring. The devil is in the vicinity of the Earth and is influencing our politics. To some this sounds crazy but to we who understand Scripture it is really the only good answer. What is starting now will become unprecedented in a short time. Watch and listen. Eyes to see, ears to hear. It will soon become apparent.

Read the Scriptures I share here even if you refused to pick up a Bible in the past. If your heart is open understanding will come from God Himself. He will take pity on you and open your mind to truth if you seek it. He is loving and compassionate but works in His own way and His own time. It is not a thing we are able to understand, Hence, His word has been written for us. His word, not the word of those who wrote the Bible. They were inspired by Him. He hasn’t written since the Ten Commandments and Moses. He hasn’t needed to. Remember Faith in Him is your saving grace and, it follows, pity, love, and justice for your fellow humans.

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