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As all of us live on the most beautiful planet in the universe it stands to reason that we are special. Some say this thought is egocentric but in truth, it demonstrates that we are beholden to God and, in turn, to Him for our planet. For those of us who have forced our minds to be beholden we understand that this is the truth and that we live in a creation of a mind and hands of same who thought this through and placed us here to care for the planet. We don’t need an environmental lobby to tell us this as the Bible already has. Our job is only to care for His planet and remain in harmony with His wishes. In return we are given eternal life. That we have gotten so full of ourselves and now feel we are superior and don’t need His advice is the curse of death to this world. It happened in the time of Noah and it is coming to us again.

Most of us have little to no effect on the ruining of this planet. Despite what some groups rant about these groups are alien to God; a sour note. He does not see them as caring for anything but a cause they dreamed up beyond His word. The second they thought this planet was under the control of man they crossed a line. We did not create this planet. We did not provide the Great Plains, the Swiss Alps, the oceans or the seas. He did. His name is Jehovah and He sent His son, Jesus, to save our sorry overinflated minds from ourselves.

The meek shall inherit the Earth is what Jesus stated. Not the presidents or captains of industry. Not the Zuckerbergs or Soros’. So, who are the meek, the sheep as Jesus presented this truth.

It is we who put full faith in God and, in turn, His Son Jesus. Without this knowledge we are also lost. With this knowledge we see clearly what is ahead and welcome what is coming despite the battle just to stay alive during the coming cataclysm. We who believe will be saved, if not for this time, then the time which will stretch beyond the boundaries of the human mind. It will not be easy and prayer is our only answer. Prayer to He who controls all through His son or prayers do not reach Him.

Ours is a gift of a planet. It is not Mars, nor Jupiter, nor the moon. The fact that so many don’t see this is predicted. What is predicted is coming to fruition including the blasphemy toward He who created all from a void. It is time to hitch your wagons and come along. It is going to be a bumpy ride.

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