The Evil of Politics

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I watched the news tonight and all who read this know what has once again occurred. I then watched our president break from spiritual civility to politics concerning fire arms. I would like to say that it surprised me but it did not. Politics has turned heartless, Godless.

We have been warned about these times and the fact that many will lose the capacity to love. That void is filled with devilish hate and a pure evil has ensued. It wracks our political system and our population now, turning responsible adults into mad and tormented children.

When I began this website it was to warn, cajole, and give prophecy written so long ago. There is no surprise within me as to what is taking place now. It will get worse. Compared to my years of childhood I no longer recognize this government and certainly abhor the political system we have now.

The wonderful news, if anything can be, is that Jehovah now holds these precious children in His memory. They are lost only temporarily. When they wake again, and they will, they will find a world that is ruled by Jesus and all of this horror will no longer be known nor remembered.

Have Faith! Grasp it and hold onto it. It is your life preserver for the remainder of our time and, then, eternity. Jehovah is not the one who allowed this. You need to read Revelations to understand this and I will post from that book tomorrow.

Peace in Jehovah through His son, Jesus. Hold onto it.

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