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If we look at America solely, we are missing most of the problems we are facing. It doesn’t matter who is the leader of this country so much as what the world is doing. Before I go any further a couple of definitions are required.

The World- The world is not the Earth in the Bible. This nonsense concerning the end of the world is true but not what Hollywood and many people purport it to be. The world has been described as the system humans chose over epochs. Nations, corporations, armies, the U.N. etc.

The Earth- The Earth is the creation of Jehovah. In this entire universe we know, it is the jewel. A jewel in that it is beautiful to look at, it supports myriad life forms in many different environments, and behind it’s creation is the most supple mind in the universe.

So, this supposed destruction of the Earth is completely contrary to Bible teaching. Jehovah will put an end to the machine of mankind and restore the Earth to its original form doing away with the construct of the “world” in doing so. We were made to lay down in green pastures. This refers to the original Earth before the “ruiners” of the Earth got a start. “Green pastures” have to do with our near future and Faith will allow us to see an Earth renewed under Jesus as King. “It is written, so it shall be.”

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