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 The one who defrauds the lowly one insults his Maker, But whoever shows compassion to the poor glorifies Him.

Proverbs 14: 31

 “Because the afflicted are oppressed, Because of the sighing of the poor, I will rise up to act,” says Jehovah. “I will save them from those who treat them with contempt.”

Psalm 12:5

The governments of the world, and now ours, are corrupt. A hundred years ago they were far less corrupt but since the turn of the Twentieth Century even ours has been sullied by those with contempt for life and no respect of religious faith. We see it in homelessness and in the streets everywhere. As people suffer more and more do those in power think that God is not watching? Do they even believe in God. This is easily seen by their actions is it not?

Jehovah will end this soon for if He doesn’t no one will live. We see the hunting for dissidents beginning through rumor and innuendo. Those who want religious freedom are being denied it though the hunt is gradual but building.

This is getting toward the final chapter of a world run by men. This scroll is almost complete and now comes the tribulation.

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