Hope in Us

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One would think that, by now, we would come to understand that there is no long term hope in mankind. If we don’t destroy each other then we are already on our way to destroying our home. I continue to state that the invention of nuclear weapons is the wildcard brought to bear when the hands are down.

However, this website is to allow those who are seeking the only true avenue at the end of which is hope. Hope rests entirely in the hands of God. If I am preaching to the choir rest assured that I know this. It is not to you that I bring forth this website.

This website is the result of statistics. Those statistics are the numbers of fateful and abstract sums brought on by suicide, murder and war. So much unnecessary death when hope is written and has been for thousands of years. It rests in the most obvious place and the last place many search: the Bible. It is there for you. I already found it as did many who read this website. You may have missed it and for that reason I spend my time daily ferreting out those items of chapter and verse that will set things straight and offer hope.

I’ve lived long enough now to have seen all the searching that goes on over decades looking first in this corner and then the opposite corner. It is not there in either corner. The hope in Eastern Philosophy, Buddhism, Tao . . . all wastes of time even if it does make one feel good for a short time. It is not truth. Truth, to use an old and worn phrase correctly, will set you free. There is only one truth and that is the truth of the Creator. He alone knows all that we need and He knows that what we need is a lack of complexity. a lack of convolution in every place we turn.

It is not hard other than to shake off the constant noise and negativity of this world. Throw off the baubles and glitz and look at what we are losing instead. Our very lives given up, always stretching out for what evades us: Peace and tranquility. It is here, in this book I have read over the years. It has always been here. That is because it was meant, by Him who wrote it, to be here for us. Simple, when one shakes off the world.

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