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Exactly What Is It

As we are in times unlike any which have previously been it behooves us to begin defining what the Bible really is and, in turn, what prophecy actually is. Is it a diary of pretend thus making a book of myths and fables or is there more to it. The reality is that there is more to it than many who denigrate it may ever know. Let’s see what the Bible says about the prophetic words uttered and where those words actually came from.

For you know this first, that no prophecy of Scripture springs from any private interpretation.  For prophecy was at no time brought by man’s will, but men spoke from God as they were moved by holy spirit.

2 Peter 1: 20,21

The first important piece of knowledge is that, no, prophecy did not come from men. All prophecy in the Bible comes from Jehovah through men and God uses His spirit as the middle process as no man can look on God without being destroyed.

 But in this way God has fulfilled the things he announced beforehand through the mouth of all the prophets, that his Christ would suffer.

Acts 3:18

Prophecy is God’s way of telling us what the future holds as concerns our relationship with Him and His intentions for us. To do this He has used men, angles, and prophets. The crux of this is to know that each of these prophesies has or is coming to fruition. In this we discover the truth which comes from Him. He is kind and loving or He wouldn’t provide these for us to make up our minds concerning Him and, in turn, ourselves and how we choose to act upon His word.

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