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He heals the brokenhearted; He binds up their wounds.   He counts the number of the stars; He calls all of them by name.  Our Lord is great and is mighty in power; His understanding is beyond measure. Jehovah raises up the meek, But he hurls the wicked to the ground.

Psalm 147: 3-6

Each day is a good day to honor our God. To do so we can harken to His brilliance and steadfastness. Doing so elevates us as well, for ours is to worship and give thanks to He who created, not only us but, the entirety of the Universe.

In worship we are given that which we need, the food, for the spirit. The down trodden are raised up by God and the haughty and blasphemous are thrown down. As we go through our day it is wise to recall that this life is short but eternity long. Those who injure us now will not see the reward destined for we who humble ourselves before Jehovah.

Put Him in the front of your mind and keep Him there. This will steer your course through these awful reefs we are in the midst of now. Persevere in Peace & Knowledge of He who loves us.

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