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Registration for this website is now open. Why register? I always ask myself in this situation. There isn’t a great need to and I, like you, hesitate to register as I never know what this will ultimately mean.

Let me quickly sort through your hesitancy. Number one is your information. I retain only enough to send you my newsletter but the newsletter has to be signed up for to receive it. I have kept it separate from registration.

Number two is your privacy. I take your privacy seriously enough to write this so that you will know that registration does not put you on a mailing list. It only means that I have a way to better gauge your interests which, in turn, allows me to put here what concerns you. In this I am all in as these times need proper definition so that you know what may be coming and how best to deal with it in your spiritual make up.

My interest is not monetary. It is, rather, in way of a mission to put structure to what is foretold through information straight from the source. I have kept my opinion away from what I write here by providing chapter and verse with only a bit of illumination.

Discussion- After each page and post is a discussion enhancement. It has the same importance as the above in that it is private and goes no further than this website as to your information. No lists, nothing. It is there to ask questions and receive answers only. It goes no further than that.


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