The Invisible

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As the world has turned all these millennia it changes flora, fauna, geology, and climate. We can see none of this “machine” as the gears of this machine grind and change this place we call Earth but we know it has done so from observation and historical records. In essence, change is invisible to us when time is factored in.

Yet, we take it as fact that our scientists understand much of what has taken place and that what they tell us is true. Those scientists use computers and mathematics and natural law to come to their conclusions. On the whole, they do a great job. A great job working with the invisible. Coming to some event eons after that event has taken place and demonstrating their understanding of what has taken place and what laws of physics governed that change.

There is much more in this invisible realm which, if looked at with vigor, tells another story. All the laws that govern universal change had to come from somewhere. Though not obvious to many, there is, behind all that we see, know, and think we understand concerning this change. It is our minds that understand and perceive that all of this governing law had to come from somewhere. I can’t remember the last time a deer and I spoke of drought, Jupiter’s orbit, or nuclear fission. It is odd, is it not, that with all our knowledge some cannot comprehend that our minds, our human minds, are the only ones that can conceive of the laws that govern the universe? And, understanding this, cannot then see a mind behind the conception of this universe.

This universe is no accident because there is no reason for life, sentient life, to exist. Planets colliding, untold amounts of radiation and meteors showering down and unknown forces tearing apart huge swaths in parts of the galaxies are the opposite of sentient life. Yet, here we are on a wonderful little planet in the middle of a tornado of physical law watching the sky for rain to fall and water those flowers which beautify our surroundings. Take a picture of those flowers and, when you do, consider what it took to make them what they are. Then, give thanks to Jehovah for His mind.

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