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How long will you or I live? In this society there is a chance you or I would not even be born. When whim, greed, immorality, and convenience take hold of a society that society declines and with that decline comes poverty, crime, violence, and death. The question is: How did this take place in so short a time?

I will tell you that it began with a divorce. When a society divorces from God the decline is inevitable. This is why God made such stringent laws for us to obey. Most of His law concerns how we treat each other and that treatment is defined best by Jesus. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” You can’t uncomplicate anything more than that.

Without this “do unto others” annunciation we are at each others throats in every arena without regard to what is best for each other. As imperfect as we are we all know that law is what has kept civility for thousands of years and when that law is disregarded war, crime, and hate of other’s viewpoints ensues.

Jesus was given, and personally accepted, the task of dying for our sins. He did this out of love and that love has been shelved for pure pleasure of self. This is a mortal crime unto itself. When Jesus’ love is disregarded what chance do any of us have? Shame on us to be so callous and uncaring for so great a sacrifice. His death was one of agony yet he took it in stride and through prayer to His Father, His true Father. Our Father.

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