Difficult Days

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The author of this website was born in 1948. That is a long enough time on Earth to have seen the coming of many generations and with each generation life has become a little easier until now. It is that ease which has, in this writer’s humble opinion, removed from view the immediacy which lurks ever in the background of being alive. The axiomatic reality of what being born portends which is death. When death is further removed due to advances in science and medicine there is more idle time to do what we wish to do. In this, mental discipline and “toughness” of heart weaken.

The “SELF” is now all consuming and this has been foretold in Scripture. This has resulted in a “Godless” generation in which anything goes. When anything goes society cannot stand. We are watching destruction by undisciplined minds. This is a time when pseudo intellectuals are in charge but without a foundation based on Faith, based on reality. These are attempting to construct a dream of surreal proportion which is bolstered by no tangible cornerstone. No keystone in the arches to hold up the roof of this construct. These are people with no concept of foundation.

Lack of foundation is ever more obvious as God is brutally shoved aside. Our creator watches and is disgusted by this just as He was with Sodom and Gomorrah. Just as He was in the time of Noah. This merely means that it is only those who hold Faith close to their heart which will be brought through. It is once again time to build your ark. It won’t be destruction of the Earth this time. It will be destruction of nations which will usher in the return of Jesus to rule as King over Heaven and Earth and the glory of Jehovah shall be made manifest and life, well, life will be glorious. But, for those who support and condone that which is occurring now, these will be swept away like so much chaff. In the eyes of Jehovah, there is no room in the universe for such as these.

It is almost here and the edges of the chasm are now defined.

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